If you’re looking to get connected with a community of believers for support, encouragement and growth, do join a New Life cell group!

We have 13 cell groups across the island, each with 7 to 16 members. We meet weekly / fortnightly to minister to one another.


Our cell program follows the 4Ws:

Welcome – Knowing each other better through fun & meaningful interactions

Worship – Entering into God’s presence through prayer & praise

Word – Receiving God’s message to us through His Word

Works – Reaching out to one another through prayer and practical love

Join a Cell Group

Whether you are a newcomer or a regular worshipper, we welcome and strongly recommend you to join one of our cell groups. There is always one where you would fit in – seek out and talk to our Pastors!


Cell GroupLeaderDay & Time
恩泉小组Sophia SoFriday, 7:30pm
Bukit BatokSiew HuaFriday, 8:00pm
Bukit MerahDavid CS LimFriday, 8:00pm
King Albert ParkEsther LeeFriday, 8:00pm
QueenstownErik LiewFriday, 8:00pm
SerangoonEric KohFriday, 8:00pm
TampinesSKFriday, 8:00pm
Varsity ParkToong KeongFriday, 8:30pm
WoodlandsPeter YeoFriday, 8:00pm

Young Adults

Cell GroupLeaderDay & Time
YA CentralNoel HengSaturday, 10:00am
Middle EasternThuan/Bee LengFriday, 8:00pm
NorthlandersLucas LeeFriday, 7:30pm
WesternKenji LiewFriday, 7:30pm