A Touch of Home – Away from Home

We hold a Filipino Service once a month to provide our Filipino brothers and sisters with fond touches of home through the simple act of worshiping together.  During the other Sundays, we worship as part of the English congregation.

Over the many years, we have been blessed immensely by our Filipino sisters whose community-spirit, togetherness, exemplary spirituality and creative expressions have inspired and cheered us in many ways.  Among them, many are domestic helpers who have chosen to spend their precious off-days on Sunday in Church as a life offering to the Lord.

The Filipino Ministry organizes many outreach events throughout the year to reach out to Filipino friends and to offer friendship, comfort and solace in their times of loneliness.

The Filipino Ministry also conduct Sunday Classes to provide firm grounding in biblical principles, wisdom and encouragement to deal with the challenges of working away from home.

We warmly welcome our Filipino friends to join us for the Filipino Service or at the English Service, and also the various Filipino outreach events, gatherings and celebrations throughout the year – for a touch of home away from home.