Christian Education Ministry is committed to growing the church’s knowledge of the Word (Head), the relevance of the Word (Heart) and the application of the Word (Hands). We are convinced that a holistic Christian Education is found in every aspect of an individual’s Discipleship Journey, from a Believer to a Disciple to a Servant to a Disciple Maker and is a lifelong Spirit led journey. We desire to communicate truth in love and we are convicted that truth alone does not change lives but that truth applied changes lives. Our hope to see lives transformed, grounded in God’s gracious revelation, mediated through the work of Christ, and applied through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Our Vehicles

We conduct Sunday Schools after our church service. Please check our website for the dates and topics conducted.

1st Half of the Year           Dig Deeper: Tools to unearth the Bible’s treasure

2nd Half of the Year         Choose one from: (1) Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines or (2) Bible book study

Upcoming Sunday School Schedule

Feb 04 2018 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 1
Feb 11 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 2
Feb 25 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 3
Mar 04 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 4
Mar 18 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 5
Mar 25 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 6
Apr 08 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 7
Apr 15 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 8
May 06 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 9
May 20 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 10
July 01 (Sun)Dig Deeper Study 11